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Residential real estate holdings typically represent only a portion of the assets many of our clients hold. In addition to providing residential management services, we provide accounting and asset management services for clients who would like their non-residential portfolio assets to be centrally managed. In many cases, we handle the accounting and asset management of retail, commercial, and most prominently single tenant net-leased assets.


  • Management
    We supervise the property management operations and make important strategic decisions relating to the property.

  • Leasing
    We advise and directly negotiate or employ on our client's behalf attorneys who can negotiate the best terms and protections for our clients.

  • Projections
    We make projections of how the property will perform in the coming months and how much money is the right and reasonable amount to distribute to the owners.

  • Budgeting
    We use our projections to form budgets, and we also watch over the operations to ensure that the property is operating within its annual budget and following the business plan.

  • Valuation
    We analyze the current and future value of the property, which helps frame strategic decisions that need to be made for each property.

  • Market Knowledge
    We help make key decisions, such as when to refinance the mortgage and when to sell the property, to optimize the value for owners.

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