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Rather than posting a few ads online and hoping for the best, turn to the real estate marketing pros. We’ll spend our time advertising your home, pouring over applications, scheduling showings and ultimately choosing the perfect renter for your property. You’ll reap the benefits of Diablo Pacific’s comprehensive 5 Point Marketing Strategy!


  1. Advertise the Property
    To find the best pool of renters quickly and efficiently, we publicize your property on many local listing services including Zillow, HotPads, Trulia, CraigslistRental Home Pros, My New Place and Zumper (to name a few). Interested parties should contact us directly for more information and to schedule a showing. 

  2. Show the Home
    We coordinate with potential tenants to schedule convenient showing times. We walk the tenant through the home and point out key selling points which help potential renters to visualize themselves living in the property. 

  3. Find the Ideal Tenant
    We take the time to show the property multiple times to find the perfect tenant. Multiple visits give potential tenants the opportunity to ask questions while allowing our team to showcase the charm of your property. The right tenant will care for your property, pay rent promptly, and be proactive in communicating problems within the rental home, so this is a very important step in our process.

  4. Complete the Screening Process
    The screening process begins once an application is submitted on an available vacancy. This process includes a full background check and credit report. Any red flags identified allow us the opportunity to ensure a potentially problematic tenant doesn’t take residency, placing the investment value of the home at risk. If/when a tenant passes our screening process, we contact them to provide the good news and proceed to the lease signing. 

  5. Draft/Sign the Lease
    After we ensure your new tenant passes our rigorous screening process, we draft the lease and handle the signing process. Our team possesses a keen understanding of California housing codes and local ordinances. Using this information, we draft a mutually-beneficial lease that exceeds the necessary legal requirements. 


You Deserve the Best! Contact Us To Get Started.

Both new and current clients can utilize Diablo Pacific’s full range of services and benefit from the perfect blend of convenience, flexibility, technology, and helpful information we have to offer. Make an appointment to visit with one of our knowledgeable representatives:




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