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Keeping maintenance issues and tenants on the right track is an important role we play at Diablo Pacific which is why we conduct regular inspections of your home. Identifying problems early allows our team a chance to resolve the issue before it escalates or spirals out of control.

All of our inspections are completed using our comprehensive inspection process, which allows us to easily monitor changes in the property and maintain organized records of the rental’s health. This information is made available to both the tenant and the client to give all parties an honest assessment of the home.


Diablo Pacific performs four key types of inspections to maintain the integrity of your home. All inspection notes are added to the property file.


Move-In Inspections
All of our homes receive a move-in inspection when a new lease is signed. This inspection allows us to monitor issues within the home, and make a note of any pre-existing damage to protect both our tenants and clients from financial repercussions.


Maintenance Inspections

If issues are found in your rental unit, our team will work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. If the problem is a direct result of the tenant’s action, we work with the renter to find an amicable solution. In other instances, our in-house maintenance crew may need to visit the property to fix issues that have occurred as a result of normal wear and tear.

Final Inspections

Your home receives a final inspection when the tenant vacates the property. This inspection gives our team the opportunity to note improvements that need to be made to bring the home back to rent-ready condition. We will compare the notes of this review to the move-in inspection report, to determine whether your tenant needs to reimburse expenses using the security deposit.


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